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Django Social Auth with O-Auth2

LaunchBase streamlines user registration and login with integrated OAuth2 support for popular platforms like Google, Twitter, and GitHub. Setting up user authentication is a breeze, allowing users to access your application with their existing social media accounts. Manage user profiles and associations easily using the Django admin panel.

Stripe Payments

Monetizing your SaaS application is simple with LaunchBase's Stripe payment and Django webhook integration. Handle one-time transactions and recurring subscriptions with ease, so you can focus on building features instead of writing repetitive boilerplate code.

Frontend Components

LaunchBase includes a collection of essential, customizable frontend components to accelerate your development process. From responsive navbars and footers to intuitive modals, these components enhance the user experience while keeping things simple. Built with Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML, they ensure fast performance and easy integration.

Database Solutions

Django's powerful ORM provides compatibility with leading databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL. Choose the best fit for your application, and LaunchBase handles the rest. As your app scales, Django's database-agnostic approach allows for easy switching between databases, ensuring flexibility and scalability.


Deploying your LaunchBase application is straightforward with Docker containerization. Package your app and its dependencies into portable containers, ready for deployment to popular hosting providers like AWS, GCP, or Digital Ocean. LaunchBase's comprehensive documentation guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition from development to production.

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